Models, Modeling, and Model Photography

Models, Modeling, and
Model Photography

10 Ways to Find Models to Work With

Social Media Groups or Other Platforms like Model Mayhem

This is the old way of finding models to work with, both aspiring as well as professional models.  You usually start with the best portfolio that you have on your profile, and then engage conversation with the models, or via a casting call to find models.
Model: Elena Johnston
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Your school friends, or through any associations that you have.  The advantage is that you may find equally creative people to work with and the results could be a collaborative result.
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Relatives are different than friends. Unless they are in the trade of modeling, you are most likely to have lifestyle portraiture or documentation style of subjects.  This could be ideal for practicing the candid and street photography style of work.
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Group Shoot

This is a very effective way to gain your portfolio boost if you are starting out.  Some reputable group shoots provide experienced models and nice locations for optimal results.
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Instagram and other social media has become the new platform for finding collaborating work and paying models.  I suggest to build your portfolio first to show your professionalism and then engage models that may be interested in your work.  Most of the time, models don't even reply your messages. Don't be discouraged, but don't be a stalker either.
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Professional Model

Through casting or direct engagement, you can find paid models for your photo projects.
= fashion, swimsuit, glamour, artistic 
model: Jessica Harbour

Stranger on The Street
If you are traveling to an open minded territory, you may be able to find subjects that are willing to pose for you under a tourist photography premises.  Or if law allows, use the street photography approach to find your subjects being at a candid moment or a grander scheme of a theme.
= tourist, candid

Shows and Events

This could be one of the biggest source of models that you can find.  Professional models and aspiring models go to shows like motorsports event, or fitness shows or others.  Bring your business comp cards to the show and engage the models in the a professional way to see if there are interests in working together.
There are also local fashion runway shows that you might be able to participate in to do a BTS or pre-show shoot that you can work with the models later on.
As one show goer told me, to shoot some models at the show would cause you several hundred of dollars, but here it is free!
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Agencies / Management 

The agency models are a breed of their own. They are qualified by the agencies or model managements, which means they have a certain level of commercial-bility that they are signed up with them.  Be aware that they usually don't send out models to shoot for free, because some have their in-house photographers or models don't go to free shoots from agencies.
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Magazine Publications Cast Calls / Tear sheets Submission

If you run a web site or magazine, with reputable amount of fan base, then you can do model casting out to the world.  The more reputable your establishment is, the more opportunities you will have in your inbox for both great models or the next big super model.
= fashion, swimsuit, glamour, lifestyle
Model: Monica Sepulveda


Sometimes you get great models through referrals.  Models, especially professional models have their own networks.  Some models are the "hubs" of these networks, who have wide connections and deep industry knowledge.  Work with these hubs and you may have much better chance to work with some of the models that you can never dream of.
= talent, fashion, swimsuit, glamour

Client Paid Models

If you have friends or associated organizations that wants to do a model shoot and you are a photographer, then many times you have some input on the model selection for the project and this allows you to work with the models too

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