Models, Modeling, and Model Photography

Models, Modeling, and
Model Photography

Share What You Are Chimping On with Model

One thing we photographers love to do is to check the back of camera frequently.  It's not we are insecure about our work.  It's about ensuring quality of the raw images before closing the session.

You should always show model on the back of the camera of what you have shot.  This has several benefits:
- build trust super fast and only strengthens the trust along the shoot
- Dispell model's fear of you are a pervert
- instant feedback on what's working and not working and model can learn and correct
- event light test shots I show to models to explain the process of finding perfect exposure
- model can provide feedbacks on what they like and not
- model can find their flying hair, or smudged lipsticks or hairtie!!
- model get excited and confident if they like more and more of what you shot and in turn, be more creative and expressive
- if you purposedly shot a special style that will go through post-process to create the effect you want, explain it and even better show an example
- if model really does not like what you shot, then it gives her an opportunity to stop the shoot, which is an ethical thing to do.  If we don't provide what they want, then we should not waste their time. 

However photographer does not have the right to do that as you are the "owner" of this photoshoot, and you do your best to create the looks that you aim, so it's your job to create the look, by inspiring, coaching, demonstrating, or being flexible to change the look

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