Models, Modeling, and Model Photography

Models, Modeling, and
Model Photography

You Are Determined by What You DON'T Like

When you chimp on the photos on the back of your camera, you should know immediately what you don't like, and how you would change the direction to what you can accept, or proud of.

Your style is determined by what you don't like, and it holds your standard of work as well.

Too many times, photographers just clicking away their shutters, like using a robotic finger to tap the camera button.  We should chimp on our own photos and chimp often.  If you see what you don't like, being the lighting, the composition, the expression, the pose, the flying hair, the mis-shaped wadrobe, the backdrop, the odd shapes out of no where, the tree shooting from the subject's head, the margin that you may need to crop the photo later on, the missing piece of prop in the blank space of the photo, and of course, also the things that you are searching more than these...

So when you shoot, shoot, but review what you have and change the course immediately if not right.  And if you still can get the concept executed right, maybe it's not time yet, or it's a wrong concept, or it's a wrong model, or many factors.  You can stop and move on to the next segment.  You can come back if it is allowed.  Don't let the time churned away, while you are struggling to get it right...

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