Models, Modeling, and Model Photography

Models, Modeling, and
Model Photography

A Shallow Depth of Field (DOF) Saved My Day

DOF Played a Beautiful Trick on Me

A bland backyard turned to be a great lake front paradise, thanks to a shallow DOF.

EXIF Data: 

85mm, F/1.8, 1/200 sec, 500 ISO


October 30, 5:25pm, a generic plastered backyard with a tree nearby, sunset time was 6:01pm.


The original plaster wall in the back projected a bland look for the model. By turning the aperture to wide open (smallest number), all background element turned blurry due to the shallow DOF, and suddenly the generic wall became a lake water body. It went well with the model's swimsuit look and the tree's setting.


Use the wide open aperture to block out details in the background, and it puts the focus on the model specifically.

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